Set of Four Packs

Set of Four Packs

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Water-Resistant Packs and Luggage for Women

Inspired by Harbour Island. Designed in Chicago.

Packs and handbags that compliment our active lifestyle philosophy: always lightweight, easy to clean and multi-functional. Classic and fun styling is always included.

Whether you're looking for the perfect dry pack for traveling or storing sweaty gym clothes, or you're a busy professional needing on-the-go file organization, or maybe you're looking for the perfect day hike backpack, the best part about buying Hi Love is knowing it'll be a wardrobe staple all season and through any adventure.

Try the fanny pack if you're a runner, and for moms try the medium pack to contain leaky baby and kiddo stuff! For nights out and special events, our star collection is fun and fashion-forward. Paired with boyfriend jeans for a casual look, our puffer collection is convertible and can go from day to night in a flash. The most important element of your accessory should be that it expresses you! Carry our LOVE bags wherever you go - the beach, shopping, camping or a road-trip to share the love far and wide.

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