LUXE PLUSH ROBE WHITE- Happy Wife Happy Life
LUXE PLUSH ROBE WHITE- Happy Wife Happy Life

LUXE PLUSH ROBE WHITE- Happy Wife Happy Life

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Our plush robes are incredibly soft and cozy with enough fabric to nestle up and stay in all day lounging. Each design is beautifully embroidered, get the one that best represents you or give it to someone and make it a special gift they'll never forget! Now if you can just decide on which design... or collect them all! 


  • Powerfully insulating - keeps you warm in the cool / cold mornings and nights.

  • It is a very soft fabric and we do a conditioning treatment to ours that make them even softer and more plush.

  • It is durable and can with stand lots of wear and washing.

 QUESTIONS? We've got answers!

Q: How is the design printed on each robe?

A: It is Beautifully embroidered onto the back of each robe.

Q: How does the sizing work?

A: The robe is one size. If you are a 0 it may be a little oversized & drapey. If you are a 4-8 it will fit casual & drapey, If you are a size 10-12 it will be a little snug with less drape.

Q: Do they pockets?

A: Yes. all of the plush robe designs have two  6”x 6” pockets in the front. They also have 2 sets of belt loops on each side to adjust comfortably to height.

Q: How do they come packaged?

A: All robes are nicely packaged in a clear zipper pouch with the embroidered design showing throw the pouch. Makes it is great for gift giving or traveling  

Q: Are the robes absorbent?

A: They are not really made for getting out of the shower or pool, they are for lounging staying cozy.

Any Additional quesitons we are hear to assist: / 661-670-8083





designed in Sunny Los Angeles, Ca
made in China

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